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Our whole essence is to help students all around the nation with quality education through scholarship to help them fulfill their dreams.

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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to equip young ones with quality education

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I am really grateful for the scholarship through National Image and it has been very beneficial to me. Without the scholarship, I wouldn't be a student right now.
Omotunde Joshua
Student - College of Education, Iseyin
I am thankful to Global eLearning Concept for granting me scholarship through the support of Honorable Mudasiru Obasa. The scholarship has been helpful a lot to help me further my studies.
Suuru Abigael
Student - - College of Education, Iseyin.
Honorable Mudasiru Obasa has been committed to fulfilling his mandate in paying for my tuition and I am grateful to him for the support. Through his aid, I am privileged to study at the College of Education, Iseyin and I have been receiving a great education since.
Student - College of Education, Iseyin
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